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Humpback Wail - Iain Wade
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A little bit about the Foundation...and

Human nature (which is usually more

about "Human,"than "Nature.")


People are strange, confused animals...mostly because most of us refuse to admit that we even ARE animals- we reserve that title for humans that we consider inferior. We place importance on the most frivolous & superficial things, we put up walls, build our concrete habitats, carve veins of asphalt all across the country & callously hunt to extinction (or near extinction) any predator that is better equipped  for natural survival than we are. Then, we have the nerve to call ourselves the superior species on this planet.

When most of us refer to the "World," what is actually meant is solely the Human World.  Through our words, we speak of tenuous concepts like peace,  equality, liberty & justice..but our actions betray the fact that we are endemically violent, aggressive, selfish & afraid of our own shadow. We promote "Inclusion" & tolerance of every race, religion, sexual orientation, etc... but why not for all species?  We are just a cog in the mechanism; not the machine, itself. With every species of life that we cause, or allow to go into extinction unnecessarily; we move up on the list of who is next.  ALL life is precious; not just the lives that are attached to a Social Security number, or a Facebook account.   How difficult it must be for all the other species of plants & animals to share the planet with such a thoughtless, vain ape.


It's this idea that propels The Otter & Ivy Foundation. If humans were as magnificent as we propose to be, then we should be the true guardians & defenders of all life on this planet.  It should be our top priority.  The mission of this Foundation is to raise money to help animal causes, promote awareness &  provide aid to animal shelters, sanctuaries & hospitals.  If the Foundation is successful & prospers, the idea is to then increase the percentage of proceeds that go to the animal causes & charities. So, the better we do, the better the animals we hope to help will do. 

Here, we consider ourselves to be friends of the furry, the feathered & all the things that go bump in the night.

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