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Children's Books

Scaredy Cats Cover price.jpg

Otter & Ivy discover Halloween!

An enchanting & only slightly spooky
tale about how two lovable & food obsessed Tuxedo cats find out about Halloween.
Will Otter & Ivy be able to warn their
neighbors about the monsters invading their neighborhood, before these fiendish
ghouls steal everyone's food?
The only way to find out, is to buy the book and keep your fingers crossed!

(Ideal for ages 4-10)

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Otter & Ivy as time travelers!

An enchanting tale about none other

than THE Otter & Ivy, the name-sakes of our foundation.

Ride along with them, as they race

through time to find the one thing

all Cats cherish almost as much

as, of course.

(Ideal for ages 4-10)

      $9.99 for

Vlad cover FINAL 3A.jpg

      $9.99 for

Even Vampires can be picked on.

Nobody likes a bully. But, everyone

loves to see a bully get what they deserve.

This is the story of a young Vampire

& the challenges he faces on his

first day at a new school. 

Follow him through his day &

see how he turns the tables on

those that would dare to pick on him

for being different.

(for ages 8-10.)

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