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 Otter & Ivy

All the secrets of the night - Iain Wade
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Having other species of animals in our home can be so rewarding. In my opinion, no home is complete without this kind of companionship.

Hopefully, you cherish your "Fur-kids," but if you are really lucky, you just might open up your home to an animal (or animals) that has such a deep impact on your life; that you are forever changed. You take them in, thinking you're giving them a life & then unexpectedly; they give you one, in return.

For me, this was the case.  And it came in the form of 2 rambunctious tuxedo kittens whose lives collided with mine, some 15 yrs ago. Otter & Ivan (Ivy)  grew around my heart inextricably,  just like the plant from which Ivan takes his nickname.  Soon, it became impossible to imagine life without them & they became the center of my universe.

To make a long story short; my love of them and new found appreciation for cats blossomed into a lot of volunteer work with both domestic species & wildlife.

It's this non-paid work that has become one of my biggest passions and reasons to live.

Realizing that these 2 little quadrupeds had somehow been able to completely change the way a stubborn mule like me lives his life was pretty humbling. I really wanted to pay homage to them in some way, because there is no way to pay back such a gift.

This is when I got the idea for the foundation. Through my volunteer work, I knew all too well that there are a lot of animals out there in need of help.  It seemed only fair that some of these animals should enjoy a small taste of the love & caring that I have always given to Otter & Ivy. And if I could use my creativity at the same time; then all the better.

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